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Meet Larissa

Business Coach and HR Strategist

Larissa is an HR and Branding Strategist whose company is headquartered in Huntsville, AL, servicing clients all over the globe.


At With You In Mind Concierge Business Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch strategic consulting and full-service marketing support.


We specialize in system and process development, developing custom solutions to streamline your business operations, maximize efficiency, and develop new and existing resources. Our team has experience working with both established companies and entrepreneurs, helping our clients define their goals and craft strategies to achieve them. We are committed to providing our clients with the ultimate business solutions through personalized service and innovation.

Here we do everything, with you in mind. 


WYIM Specializes In

At WYIM, we understand the value of partnership and we work fervently and intentionally to partner with growing and midsized businesses. If you landed here, it’s not by accident but because you’re looking for a solution, and we’re here to provide you with it.

HR Recruiting & Consulitng

Company Policies & Standard Operating Procedures

Employee Training & Intern Placements

Operations Strategies

Full Service Marketing

Business Meeting

We Will Help You

Every Step Of The Way

We continuously look to build and maintain strong relationships with organizations that share our passion and commitment to deliver excellence. We believe that it is established through 3 steps:

   STEP 1 - Building a team of leaders loyal and committed to your company vision
   STEP 2 - Establishing systems and processes that serve your customer or client well
   STEP 3 - Help you position your business to scale, both geographically and financially

My experience with this company has been life changing. The staff has been nothing more than professional with prompt service and much attention to detail. Working with this company has helped me to identify areas of opportunity in leadership while strategizing to capitalize on my company’s unique selling points. I have received HR assistance as well. I would highly recommend With You in Mind for your business needs.

- Lemon & Sage Boutique

See what our clients are saying....

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Mrs. Larissa, I can't thank you enough for your incredible work on my brand guide and videos with testimonials. This will transform my online store into a professional and attractive brand that stands out from the competition. Thank You also for your help with highlighting the benefits of my products and the testimonials of my customers. You have impressed me with your talent and experience.

Thank you and your team, for being such great collaborators!

- Niphals 

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WYIM Solutions – Expert HR and operational support for your entire company.

Solutions made with you in mind.

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